100 years of Swedish Neurosurgery

The Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society, The Swedish Neurosurgical Society, The Swedish Neuroradiology Society and The Swedish Society of Neurosurgical Nurses invites you to

The 67th Scandinavian Neurosurgical Congress and the 38th Herbert Olivecrona Symposium

19-22 May, 2019 | Stockholm, Sweden


The Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society (SNS) congress in Stockholm will focus on all health care providers and scientists with an interest in neurosurgery, neuroradiology and nursing. The SNS congress will be held in collaboration with the neurosurgical, neuroradiology and nursing societies from all of the nordic countries, as has been the tradition since the SNS meeting 2013 in Reykjavik, 2015 in Lund and 2017 in Copenhagen, all of which were very successful. The congress will run as a combination of plenary sessions with topics of interest for all participants, and separate breakout sessions with focus on topics of special interest for:

  • Neurosurgeons
  • Neuroradiologists
  • Neuronurses

and the following distinguished keynote speakers

  • Mitchel S. Berger, San Francisco, USA
  • Michael G. Fehlings, Toronto, Canada
  • Dirk De Ridder, Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Sven Haller, Basel, Switzerland
  • Karl Schaller, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Shivaram Avula, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Marion Walker, Salt Lake City, USA
  • Ian Law, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ritva Vanninen, Kuopio, Finland
  • Andreas Unterberg, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Ashok Adams, London, United Kingdom
  • as well as this years Olivecrona Award recipient Professor Ali Krisht, Little Rock, USA

Exchange of scientific ideas and daily practice is at the center of the congress; however it would not be a SNS congress without a major focus on the social interaction. The cultural heritage and the Nordic approach to life is the essence of our society and our meetings.

We hope for your support and to see you as a participant at the congress.